Private Pay

Revolutionising Blockchain Technology

The ability to transfer PrivatePay directly to fiat currency

Debit Cards and Monthly Bill payment system


What makes us different?


PrivatePay want to make Cryptocurrency simple, We believe strongly on a User-Friendly UI and experience.


Just like any other bank system the user requires full control, PrivatePay offers full control over your payments.


Security is a major standpoint in PrivatePay. Cryptonight adopts RingCT technology ensuring private and secure transacstions.

Android & iOS Application

We strive on being User Friendly which means an application for your mobile phone is essential. The Application is currently in development and will be released into Alpha testing in the near future.

perspective phone

Packed with amazing features


Spend XPP through ePOS Systems

Use PrivatePay Debit cards in shops around the world

We have partnered with a company that offers a revolutionary service within the Cryptocurrency industry. They provide us with the ability to use Debit Cards, these cards link transactions directly into our blockchain.

XPP will be taken from your deposit balance and automatically sent to the 3rd Party API. Your balance will then be sold instantly credited to your debit card. This method allows the user to instantly access funds via an ATM Machine and withdraw your funds or spend directly in a store.

Direct Debits

Schedule monthly payments from XPP towards your bills

PrivatePay offers the ability to pay schedule payments as if they were Direct Debits which are used in fiat currencies across the globe.

Within our mobile application and web application users have the ability to send XPP to their payees using XPP currency and the revolutionary 3rd Party API will swap directly to the receiving recipients fiat currency.


Online Banking

Treat PrivatePay as if it was your daily banking service, but with Crypto

Check your balances directly within the Mobile Application or Web Application.

Sending XPP has never easier! Cryptocurrencies often provide users with complicated interfaces that the average person struggles to understand. Here at PrivatePay we ensure that a central application gives everyone the ability to send XPP directly to their friends or exchanges with ease.

A wallet system should not be difficult to use, this is why we strongly believe in keeping everything simple and no fancy words to throw the users off.

Transactions are untraceable

Transactions on our blockchain are untracable and secure

Adopting Cryptonight gives PrivatePay the ability to keep all transactions processed on the blockchain to be private. RingCT technology enforces anonymity by hiding information relating to the transaction - "Who sent it? Who received it?".

Security is paramount and this is why your funds will only be accessible to those who have your Private Key. PrivatePay offer advice on how to keep your private details safe.


XPP ATM Withdrawals

Debit Cards provided by PrivatePay give you the ability to withdraw directly from an ATM.

Coming Soon


PrivatePay Wallets

Command Line Wallet

For those tech savvy users that like to enter the matrix

Graphical Wallet

For those who want to make life simpler and click buttons

Web Based Wallet

For those that don't want to sync the blockchain

Coming Soon

Mobile Wallet

Android & iOS

Coming Soon

Paper Offline Wallet

You are required to restore the seed into the GUI or CLI Wallet.